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Peek Inside Peel’s Minimalist Office

Peek Inside Peel’s Minimalist Office


We moved into this space in January 2017. We spent about 2 months painting and designing the space ourselves. Our theme was minimalism, a core tenant of Peel’s design philosophy. Starting at the entry, as you step out of the elevator that opens to our floor…

We sought out a space with excessive amounts of windows for natural light. From there we painted everything white with black floors. 

Conference Room – aka 'The Black Box'

The exception is a contrasting all black conference room that we lovingly named ‘The Black Box’ and adorned with it's own neon sign. This is where we hold team meetings and all watch Apple keynotes together.  

Main Office

We went with simple white corner desks from IKEA and white leather chairs for everyone's desks. Tons of natural light helps light our photography wall to the right of everyone's desks. 

Private Offices

There were three private offices in the back of the office that we outfitted with black Womb chairs. Fun fact – the womb chair was designed by Architect Eero Saarinen, who also designed the St. Louis arch. 

 We hoped you enjoyed this little peek into where we work. The Peel office was designed in collaboration with interior designer Jaimie Haas.

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